Adjusting to life with braces means you must take good care of your teeth, and your braces during treatment. Our tips will help you get used to your new braces in no time!

Sensitivity or Tooth Soreness After Braces are Adjusted

A frequent concern is tooth sensitivity or pain for several days after the braces are initially placed, or adjusted.

Eating softer foods and soups are recommended. The use of non-prescription pain relievers such as you would for a headache can be very helpful. ie: Tylenol, Advil or Motrin.

Irritation of Lips and Cheeks

Especially when the braces are initially placed they can rub and irritate the lips and cheeks.

Relief wax can provide comfort while you are getting used to your braces and is available from our office or the drug store. To use the wax roll a small amount into a ball and push it on and around the irritating brace. If the wax comes off when eating and is swallowed, it is harmless.

Ligature Ties

If the small round and often coloured elastic ties come off when eating something sticky, they can be put back on the brace with small tweezers.

If metal (pig-tail) ties come loose and irritate your lip or cheek, they can often be tucked in with the end of a spoon or tweezers. Should any concern exist regarding the above - call the office.

Protruding or Irritating Wire

If a wire protrudes out of the end of the last brace or is loose (out of the tube), tweezers can often be used to tuck it back into the tube or tuck it in so it is nonirritating.

It is best to call the office if the wire is loose or very irritating.


The safest place for your retainer is either in your mouth or, if it does not have to be worn 24hrs a day, in your retainer case.

If a retainer or appliance (removable) is lost or broken, please call the office as soon as possible. Keep all the pieces if it is broken as it is often less expensive for you to have a repair done instead of a new appliance made.

If you must remove your retainer for something, do not wrap the retainer in a tissue, napkin or place it in your lunch bag. They are often thrown away. Keep your retainer case available.

Lost, Broken or Loose Braces

If a brace comes loose while eating hard or sticky foods, or due to an accident please call the office.