Eating Habits & Braces


CARROTS unless cut into curls or thinly sliced (slivers)

APPLES unless cut into wedges




POPCORN the kernels get stuck in your gums and can make them swollen

Hard Food

Hard food can cause breakage of the small attachments on the bands, and can bend the delicate arch wires, causing the teeth to move in a wrong direction. This food can also pull the cement loose; the food then becomes caught under the bands creating tooth decay.

Sticky Food

Sticky food like hard food, may bend the wires as well as loosen the cement under the braces. Sticky candy is the worst offender, e.g. taffy, caramels, and bubble gum.

Sweet Food

Highly sweetened food should be avoided whenever possible. This food particularly, if left in contact with the teeth, will create decay. If sweet food is eaten, be sure to brush immediately.

Never, play with your appliances with your fingers, and avoid chewing on pens and pencils.

If you are careful you can eat almost anything, but the above food and candy can cause damage to your braces and your teeth, and lengthen your treatment time. So, please be careful!

Dental Care

During orthodontic treatment it is necessary for the patient to be examined for cavities on a routine basis by their regular dentist. A three month cleaning appointment may also be recommended. If the patient is receiving fluoride treatments, these should be continued during treatment.

The patient will be shown proper tooth brushing methods and it is imperative that the appliances and teeth be kept immaculately clean in order to prevent decay during treatment. Patients are expected to brush their teeth immediately after each meal and before going to bed.